At Versende we are committed to finding the right role in an environment which will provide the most opportunities for success. You will have a Recruitment Manager as your single point of contact. Searching for a new job can be a difficult and stressful experience, at Versende it is our objective to ensure it is as smooth and rewarding as possible, this is how we at Versende manage your job search:


This is the most important part of the recruitment process, our aim is to know you inside out. We will start this process through a one-to-one interview, either a face to face, telephone or Skype interview. We will explore your previous roles, understand your career aspirations, what motivates you, your interests and any hidden talents. We will be able to truly understand what you want from a new job.


Once we understand your DNA we will then start to screen the roles we have to see if they match your key requirements. After we have found the role(s) which is in line with salary, package, location and industry we will then send you the job description, company information and anything else relevant to the role. Once you have confirmed that you would like to go forward, we will introduce your CV and profile summary directly to the client with the aim to secure an interview.



Once we have secured your interview we will provide all relevant details to you including details of the company, location, interviewer, format, job specs, key competencies and also any tips we think could help you out. We will have an interview preparation call or meeting before your interview to ensure you are fully prepared.


We understand how important feedback is to a candidate, we will provide feedback as soon as possible, both positives and areas of improvement for the future. Then we will look at the next steps with the client.


If you are successful and the client would like to make an offer, we will confirm the full offer details, negotiate terms if required, confirm the start date and then provide you with everything required for your first day.


After you have started your new role our relationship will remain, we have seen great benefits of keeping in touch with our candidates after we have placed them. It allows us to ensure that you settle in well, listen to any concerns you may have and if so, to work with the client to address anything we can help on.